TEAM work will beat the credit crunch, say Cheshire’s top tourist destinations.

With Britain’s tourism chiefs issuing warnings of tough times ahead, those involved in Vale Royal Borough Council’s Destination 49 project believe that working together can help them prosper in 2009.

The Destination 49 project includes 12 businesses who are based along the A49 which runs between Sandiway and Tarporley. They are all working together to boost each other’s profile and beat the recession.

The Destination 49 businesses include The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop in Tarporley, The Blakemere Craft Centre, The Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, the Cheshire Polo Club and more.

Andrea Peattie of Vale Royal Borough Council said: “Although the tourism industry is facing a tough year in 2009, we are confident that businesses involved in the Destination 49 project will flourish.

“The project has given companies the chance to swap ideas, share customers, and benefit from a joint marketing campaign.

“All of the businesses involved in the scheme offer fantastic quality and value, and Destination 49 is helping them build on their success together.”

Janet King of Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre said: “The Destination 49 scheme has had a real impact on our business.

“Although all the businesses involved are in close proximity, we are not in direct competition, so it makes sense that we can help each other whenever possible.

“Working together we can help turn 2009 into a hugely successful year, when many others in the industry look set to struggle.”