As part of Home Safety Week - which runs from September 26-October 2 - chief fire officers would like to warn everyone to take extra care when using electrical goods.

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is leading the week-long campaign and would like to remind people about using appliances such as dishwashers, tumble dryers, cookers and washers, making sure these items are registered on purchase and used correctly according to instructions.

This includes not leaving them running overnight or when the house is empty, if they are not designed for this purpose like fridge freezers.

Head of prevention at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Nick Evans said: “We don’t want to scare people, just make them aware that there are risks associated with using any electrical items and that these risks can be greatly reduced if the items are not left unattended and are maintained correctly. This includes tumble dryers where the simple act of removing lint after every use can help prevent a fire occurring.

“Smoke alarms are also an important device that all homes should not be without. These items can be bought quite cheaply from most DIY shops and can literally save lives, so if you haven’t got at least one in your home then please take my advice and buy one.”

Other advice includes switching off appliances like televisions at the plug before you go to bed and making sure that ovens and grills are cleaned regularly to prevent a build up of grease or fat catching fire. Registering appliances is also another important act to help keep people safe.

Thousands of consumers are still missing out on product safety warnings as they fail to register their fridges, freezers and washing machines, according to the most recent research.

The Register My Appliance website provides up-to-date, accurate, contact information for owners who have acquired specific models of appliances within the last 12 years, so that manufacturers can issue safety updates or repair notifications immediately and to the right homes.

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