Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner John Dwyer will be featured talking to Adrian Goldberg for BBC Radio 5 live Investigates this Sunday (March 23) from 9-10pm.

John Dwyer says more should be done to stop vehicles that have been improperly repaired being sold to an unsuspecting public. He says there’s a risk of serious injuries and even fatalities.

Cheshire’s PCC spoke to BBC Radio 5 live ahead of this weekend’s interview and said: “I’m advised by professionals that we are experiencing about a quarter of a million vehicles a year returned to our roads that have been inappropriately repaired…So there’s quite a serious issue because it does expose the occupants of the vehicle …to quite serious risk of fatality or serious injury.

“I think there needs to be a central database which records all vehicles that have been structurally damaged, records how they have been repaired, and in that way then we’ve got   a complete audit trail of the history of the structure of that vehicle, and I think if we were to get that then things would improve across the board.  It ought to be a government agency doing this this is for the benefit of the public as a whole and I think DVLA have a key role to play in this and that’s what I’d like to see happen.

“It’s not a matter of whether we bought such a vehicle – this is a big issue for me as a Police and Crime Commissioner because I want to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads in Cheshire. This issue actually affects the roads and vehicle users across the country as a whole. It’s important that we have this debate across the country and make our political leaders aware of just what the risks are here.”