Young artists from Cheshire schools have artwork on display in a gallery in Birkenhead.

For the first time this year Edsential are holding the ‘Young Artists in Tuscany’ exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum until Thursday, February 16.

The exhibition follows a successful sixth-form project, which has run since 1984, where students from Cheshire West, Cheshire East, Warrington, Wirral, Halton and Manchester, get the opportunity to study and work in Tuscany.

Students studying in Tuscany

Lillie, a student from Bishop Heber High School, travelled to Italy with the project. She said: “Overall this trip is an irreplaceable experience which I will never forget. It has helped me to develop as an artist and bring confidence to my approach to work.

“I am so shocked and proud of the achievements I have made during this whole experience. This was not just a trip, but a life changing opportunity that I am so grateful for.”

Students studying in Tuscany

Over a period of eight days practical work runs alongside organised visits to see some of the great works of the Italian Renaissance.

Having prepared for the visit in advance, students draw and record personal responses to the Renaissance works of art in their own sketchbooks.

This helps to develop their critical appraisal skills and adds to their knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of art.

Once home they develop their ideas further through a range of mediums and produce a final piece for the exhibition.

Students studying in Tuscany

Edsential’s head of visual and performing arts Debbie Cottam said: “It has been a privilege to work with such talented, motivated and dedicated students. The standard of the work has been exceptionally high throughout the various stages of the project and I’m always in awe of what is produced!”

Wirral’s principal museums officer Colin Simpson said “This is a great chance for everybody to see the quality and variety of work produced by young people when they are given the opportunity to expand; we are very proud to show this exhibition in Wirral for the first time and hope that visitors from across Cheshire will enjoy their visit.”

Students studying in Tuscany

The exhibition will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Applications for this year’s Young Artists in Tuscany will open on February 1, for more information visit