Youngsters at Mollington Pre-school celebrated three special occasions in seven days.

The children aged from two-and-a-half to four-years-old celebrated Chinese New Year by making flags, enjoyed Shrove Tuesday with fun pancake races and ended the week with a fun party in honour of St Valentine.

Pre-school supervisor Jacqui Reeves said: “We are always on the lookout for ways to make learning and developing fun for the children. Chinese New Year was a brilliant opportunity for children to see what their name looked like in Chinese, and have a go at writing it themselves. This helped to develop their confidence in making marks on paper, and in beginning to write.

Mollington pre-school pupils celebrating Chinese New Year

“For Shrove Tuesday the children loved mixing up their own batter mixes, pouring their own milk, aiding their grip and independence in undertaking new tasks.

“And for St Valentine’s Day, the children created their own card for someone that they cared for, linking to themes of emotional progression”.

“We always strive to make pre-school a welcoming, exciting space. As soon as the children arrived, they have a variety of activities to choose from and are busy and engaged from the start. But behind the fun, we are helping each child to develop and get ready for their next big step-going to school.”

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