Students at The Catholic High School, Chester left their traditional green uniforms behind today as they turned the school red in support of The British Heart Foundation Appeal.

Todd Williams of Year 11 approached headteacher John Murray with the idea in January and found himself with the job of organising the day. Students throughout the school dressed in red tights, red shoes, red jumpers, and probably many other items too.

Year 7 students; Chloe, Macy and Elise
Year 7 students; Chloe, Macy and Elise

The only rule was ‘no football shirts’ and the response was certainly imaginative. One student added a red bow tie to her uniform, while others turned up head to toe in red.

There was a special cheer for head of Year 8, Bernadette Letissier, a lifelong Everton fan who claimed: “They only did this to see me wearing red.”

Mr Murray said: “We try to make sure we build in plenty of opportunity for our students to learn how to be generous. As well as well raising money, we have had some fun and we have learnt more about the work of the BHF.”