Sinead Blythin had spent most of her life working freelance in the global events industry.

She’d travelled the globe, staying in some of the world’s best, most famous hotels and experienced luxuries that the personal purse couldn’t even attempt to accommodate.

As Sinead, 39, admits, she was having the time of her life.

But one day last July, her life took a different course and would never be the same again.

“My mother had moved back home to her birth country of Ireland four years ago,” Sinead, who lives in Chester, explained.

“One Sunday I spoke to her on the phone and she complained of feeling incredibly poorly so I flew over the next day and spent the last week I was ever to have with her.

“My whole life was devastated within a week – I flew out under the impression she just had a virus or something of a similar nature and disbelievingly returned home having buried my mother after she died on the morning of July 8.

“Her frail body was riddled with undetected cancer and there was no hope.”

Sinead’s next few months were consumed with grief and she kept thinking about what her mother had always told her: ‘use self-esteem in your work and keep fighting for your goals’.

She said: “I decided it was time to take life by the horns. I sat and pondered my options then it all just arrived.”

She decided to set up Seasalt & Snow – a business which strives to source exclusive, unique, hard-to-find products made that tell a story and embrace tradition & progression.

Its products are a fusion of everything winter and summer – clothes, summer accessories and home essentials.

Sinead explained: “We are constantly scouring the globe for new artisans and we have our own brand clothing label of easy to wear apparel with a hugely exciting SS14 range almost ready to be launched.

“Quite a large percentage of our current clientele is the ski crowds in the French Alps, so my plan is to open a shop in Chamonix, and we already have our eye on a unit in central Chester.

“We’ve also confirmed attendance at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power and Car Fest 2014.

“Seasalt & Snow is currently only available online, but we’re planning is a launch event in the planning which will take place in Chester.”

For details of the product launch, email