SCHOOLCHILDREN had a lucky escape when the driver of a 4x4 reversed through the front window of a Chester sci-fi game centre.

Pupils from Derwen Primary School, Higher Kinnerton, were playing at Quasar on Volunteer Street when a woman drove the rear end of her silver Honda through the front of the premises on Wednesday at 5.30pm.

None of the 16 children were injured and were able to carry on with their party before being collected by shocked parents.

Quasar owner Robin Lee said that only luck prevented a fatality. He said: “It was lucky that there was nobody in the foyer or walking past outside because they would now be dead.”

The female driver, aged in her sixties from Bangor, had accidentally reversed the vehicle through the front window showering the inside of the building in debris and glass.

She was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital and treated for shock and chest pain.

Chester Fire’s white watch crew manager Rob Monk explained: “The lady thought the car was in forward gear but in fact it was in reverse. She put her foot down to stop but her foot has slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator.”