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Capenhurst Puppy wins title for bravery in recovering from road accident

Three-year-old springer spaniel is ChesterGates Pet of the Month

Puppy, left, with her owner Mia aged nine and her other dog Honey

A brown and white springer spaniel called Puppy from Capenhurst has been awarded ChesterGates Veterinary Specialist’s acclaimed title of Pet of the Month in recognition of her incredible bravery in recovering from a fracture to her spine and hips following a road traffic accident outside her home.

Poor Puppy, who is only three years-old, had escaped from the family’s smallholding and ran out on to the road in front of a car.

Her owner Sarah Smith rushed her to her local veterinary practice who took x-rays and then immediately referred her ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists who carried out life-saving orthopaedic surgery.

The extensive surgery was performed in three stages.

Firstly, Andrea Pratesi stabilised a spinal fracture using pins and bone cement.

Then Ben Walton stabilised complicated fractures of both sides of the pelvis using bone plates.

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Surgeon Ben Walton said: “The complex surgery was only a small part of Puppy’s recovery. Cases like this require a dedicated and caring nursing team, knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapists, truly committed owners and a very brave pet.”

Puppy’s owner Sarah said: “We weren’t sure that Puppy would make it, but ChesterGates did an amazing job. She is back home now and is able to toilet for herself and elevates her back end well.

“She improves every day and although she is scuttling around rather than walking properly we understand that this is through nerve damage and muscle wastage. We are beginning a period of physiotherapy with her which will include hydrotherapy.

“Puppy has a lovely temperament and a very happy disposition. It is wonderful to have her home. We were very impressed with the care ChesterGates gave her and with the skill of the surgeons in correcting the breaks in her back. We can’t thank them enough.”

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