Can you help reunite Liath the parrot with her blind owner?

Liath has been a big help to Ailsa Milburn since she lost her sight

Liath the African Grey parrot has gone missing from her home in Barnton

A blind woman is calling on the public to help reunite her with her beloved parrot who has gone missing.

African Grey Liath has been a huge help to owner Ailsa Milburn, from Barnton , since she started to lose her sight.

But Liath got spooked when her cage was being cleaned and flew away on Sunday (September 18).

Now Ailsa is desperate to bring Liath – who she says is a big part of the family – back home.

Liath has become a big part of the family since she joined them in July last year

Ailsa explained: “Liath is quite vocal and she doesn’t just mimic, she selectively speaks.

“She means what she is saying.”

Liath’s love of chatting has been invaluable for Ailsa, as she vocally points out different objects around the house for Ailsa to find more easily.

“I think she could see that I could not see,” said Ailsa.

Online appeal

The bid to find Liath has been shared extensively on social media, and one person reported seeing her flying in the direction of Winnington and Weaver Vale Garden Centre on Tuesday night (September 20).

Ailsa wishes to warn anyone who finds Liath that she will be ‘weary and scared’ so advises against handling her, but asks that she is taken to a vet if she is injured or unresponsive.

“I just need to have her back,” she added.

“I couldn’t be without her in a million years.”

If anyone has spotted Liath, please call Ailsa on 07825500730.

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