Homes affected by a burst water main in Ellesmere Port may face days of inconvenience as workers continue to repair the leak.

United Utilities say engineers will be working 'throughout the course of the next few days' to resolve the leak in Stanley Road, because of the complex nature of the repair.

Many homes have been left without water for most of today (Friday, February 5) and water from the burst main was seen pooling over pavements near the Holiday Inn, but workers assure residents that they are working as quickly as possible.

A recent posting on the United Utilities website offers some advice for those affected:

"In order to help get some water flowing through your taps again our inspector has moved water from a different area into yours whilst we’re sorting out the leak.

"You may find that it doesn’t flow as much as the pressure will be lower, but we’re working as quickly as we can on our pipe, so we can get your taps flowing back to normal again.

"Due to the complex nature of the repair to the burst water main on Stanley Road , work will be on-going throughout the course of the next few days ."

Earlier on today, they had apologised for the inconvenience, stating: “We’re sorry for the trouble this may be causing you and we will get your taps flowing normally again as quickly as we can.”