OBJECTIONS were raised when a suburban supermarket sought approval for a green boiler.

The application, for a biomass boiler burning wooden pellets, came from Sainsbury's at their store on Caldy Valley Road, Great Boughton.

Planning officers at Cheshire West and Chester Council were told the boiler would be installed in a service yard at the store.

It would have a 10m tall flue although the council subsequently required a flue no less than 12m in height.

Neighbours sent in four objections raising concerns about noise and emissions and the prospect of an industrial process adjacent to a residential area.

Environmental protection officers specified hours for delivery of wood pellet fuel and said at night the boiler should only run at reduced capacity.

They also required that within one month of the boiler being installed details of additional noise measures should be submitted.

The issues included effect on the character of the area and the amenities of neighbours and the potential for pollution, planners believed.

The application was recommended for approval as the boiler would deliver low carbon energy and, subject to conditions, there would be no unacceptable affect on the amenity of neighbours or any significant increase in air pollution or noise.

Permission was granted subject to conditions.