Beggars who posed as homeless men on the streets of Chester have been banned from the city centre.

Jason Barnes, 42, and Arthur Rutter, 31, both from Chester, were handed criminal behaviour orders (CBO) which stop them harassing people in public places.

Neither of the men are homeless and each has a place to live in the city.

Chester Anti-Social Behaviour Unit PC Charlotte Lloyd said: “These men have no need to beg on the streets of this city.

“They are not homeless, both live in accommodation and this city offers ample support services.”

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Barnes and Rutter were convicted of begging at Chester Magistrates Court on December 11.

Under the CBOs the men banned from entering an exclusion zone within Chester city centre for three years.

The exclusion zone in Chester Jason Barnes and Arthur Rutter cannot enter under their criminal behaviour orders

They also cannot harass or annoy by begging any person in a public place within Cheshire Constabulary.

PC Lloyd said: “Begging is not only anti-social, it is intimidating and has a detrimental impact on the city.

“The police and local authority receiving numerous complaints from local businesses, residents and visitors.

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“I would urge people not to give money to beggars, as the proceeds of begging are often spent on drugs.

“Instead, please donate to charities where the money is used for those in genuine need of help.”

Anyone who witnesses any breaches of the orders should report it to police on 101.