Cheshire will bask in temperatures of up to 22°C today (May 12) as the recent fine weather makes a welcome reappearance.

The region experienced a mini heatwave at the weekend, with Chester being even hotter than Ibiza.

The sunny spell was then followed by unsettled weather as temperatures cooled and bursts of rain returned.

But the good news for sun-worshippers is that today is due to be a stunner with plenty of sunshine, despite a fairly brisk wind.

Sadly, though, it won't last.

Temperatures will be 'noticeably cooler' this weekend, the Met Office says.

Friday (May 13) will be 'largely cloudy' with the odd bright or sunny spell and a maximum temperature of 17°C.

The weekend will be chillier, with top temperatures of 12°C and the 'slight risk' of isolated showers.