ASHTON Hayes Theatre Club (AHTC) is staging a production of Emile Zola’s Therese Raquin at Tarvin Community Centre.

The French classic tells the turbulent and passionate tale of Therese, a young woman forced into marriage with her cousin by her overbearing aunt.

When it was first released as a novel in 1867, the book caused a scandal and brought its 27-year-old author a notoriety that followed him throughout his life.

Zola turned the novel into a play himself, yet it closed after just nine performances. Since then it has been adapted for the stage many times but this version by Nicholas Wright casts a new light on the characters and the story.

It is 20 years since AHTC first performed Therese Raquin, when the play’s current director Yvette Owen played the part of Therese.

She said: “It is always interesting to revisit a play with a new cast and new approach.”

Therese Raquin can be seen today, tomorrow and Saturday at 8pm. For tickets, contact Stephanie Lemmy on 01829 752394 or Yvette Owen 01829 751327.