Singer-songwriter Ashley Fayth wants artists around the world to use one of her new verses as the inspiration for their artwork.

Canadian-born Ashley who now lives in Christleton is poised to launch her band’s new EP I Am The Bird in May.

Instead of employing the usual methods to create artwork to accompany the EP, the 27-year-old wants to build a global “patchwork” of art.

She said: “When I started thinking about artwork for the record, I decided I’d like to get six artist friends of mine to each create a picture representing one of six verses of the title track of the EP.

“I sent out an email and asked them to listen to the song, read the lyrics, and choose the verse with which they could best identify.

“Then I asked them to create a piece of artwork inspired by those lines and to my surprise far more than six artists responded.

“So we’ve decided to facilitate what we hope will become a transcontinental community project with many artists of all different skills across several countries all working on pieces inspired by the same song.”

All artistic mediums are welcome including photography, painting, drawing, knitting, carving and sculpting.

All who participate will receive a free digital copy of the EP, a goody bag, and will have their art featured in a gallery at

Ashley said: “We’re hoping to compile a set number of images in a booklet to be released with the EP - we’ll have 3D art professionally photographed.

“We’re also happy to include contributors’ websites or email addresses so they can promote their own work.

Anyone who would like to become involved is asked to email for a link to an unreleased rough mix of the title song, a copy of the lyrics and project information.