ENTERPRISING Year 5 pupils of Aldford School in Chester were the best in business through a healthy tuck shop scheme.

Pupils of the school, junior department of Abbey Gate College, had taken tips from a workshop delivered by Eileen Jackson from Young Enterprise, Cheshire.

The youngsters secured an investment from tenner.org.uk to open the tuck shop, running during and after school hours throughout May.

This was no mean feat as the pupils had to research their market, select products and then order and cost them appropriately to ensure a profit could be made.

Furthermore, they had to promote their business to the school community through letter writing, posters and presentations, as well as actually running the tuck shop sessions.

Meanwhile, budding entrepreneurs from Abbey Gate took part in a workshop led by Innovative Enterprise.

Pupils from Year 9 and 10 dressed in business attire to celebrate ethical and inspirational ways to achieve their goals.

The teams enjoyed eco-based interactive games and had to consider the ethical and financial implications of their business on an international scale. Additionally, they planned small businesses which were based on recycling discarded materials.

The groups then worked as designers and bought material to finance the launch of an eco-friendly fashion brand, inspired by entrepreneurs including Coco Chanel and Paul Smith.

Each group sent two pupils up the catwalk to capture the essence of their brand. The winning group was LOGO, and included Harry Burnett, Fred Hiley, Fleur Garside, Sophie Bell, Isabel Spofforth and Millie Evans.