nFOR grandmother Annette Edwards, giving up a few hours a week to help save lives is a small price in the fight against cancer.

When Annette was just 18 years old she lost her mum to cancer, and now at 69, she still helps at the shop to help raise money to find a cure for the disease.

Grandmother-of-two Annette, who lives in Weaverham after moving from Kingsley, still volunteers every Wednesday despite having to battle the weather in her journey to work.

“When it first opened I thought it would be nice to become part of a team, to just spend a few hours a week doing something worthwhile.

“I think of it as doing something for nothing. My mum died of cancer when I was quite young, about 18.

“I have three girls and two boys, and when they grew up I had a little more time to spare.”

Having volunteered at the shop since it opened 20 years ago, Annette is overwhelmed by the amount of money they have raised.

“It is wonderful, just absolutely wonderful.

“Even though I have moved now I still go to the shop and volunteer because I really enjoy it.”