Temperatures plunged in Cheshire last night as England and Wales endured one of the coldest autumn days in years.

Nantwich was the coldest place in the North West, with a lowest temperature of -6.1°C.

In Chester , it wasn't quite so chilly but was still pretty frosty as people in the city woke up to temperatures of -3.9°C this morning.

The coldest place in England and Wales was Sennybridge, where temperatures were close to -10°C.

The Met Office confirmed this was enough to make it England and Wales' coldest November night since 2010.

The mercury won't dip so low this evening.

There will be clouds over the Chester and Ellesmere Port area, so frost is unlikely.

The Met Office say tomorrow (December 1) will be 'breezy, rather cloudy and mostly dry' with frostier conditions making a return closer to the weekend.