Mountain climbing, canoeing, gorge walking and high ropes – all part of a week’s hard work at The Queen’s Lower School.

Girls in Year 5 went to the Lake District following a busy academic term, to put their minds and bodies through a different sort of challenge.

They supported each other in climbing up mountains and scrambling down gorges; they worked as a team in steering the canoes and boats and they helped each other overcome fears on the high ropes course.

The trip was a fantastic team-building experience and a great way for pupils to develop and grow.


Headmistress Felicity Taylor, who accompanied the trip, said: “Queen’s has led the way in outdoor education as we know the value it brings to our pupils.

“Girls here don’t just learn with books and iPads, they learn by investigating the physical world, questioning their fears and learning from their friends as they become stronger in a team. It’s also a lot of fun !”