Nightlife in Chester has become a bit more colourful after a professional photographer and fine art graduate has brought a US painting phenomenon to the city.

Lindsay Burgess, of Upton, is behind the new Paint Nite events, which she will launch this evening, December 30, at Telford’s Warehouse.

Paint Nite was founded in Boston by entrepreneurs Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail who were inspired by a friend’s party where they painted pictures while drinking wine. They sketched out a business plan on the back of a napkin and launched the first event in March 2012 at Clery’s Bar & Restaurant in Boston.

The concept of ‘social painting’, bringing people together for a guided painting session in a local bar or restaurant, is relatively new and offers a creative twist on a night out.

Lindsay, a mum of two young boys, offers step-by-step instruction, helping participants to turn a blank canvas into a finished piece of personalized art.

Canvas, paints, brushes and smocks are provided, and guests can order food and drinks as they wish.

She said: “After experiencing a Paint Nite in New York last year, I was convinced the UK would embrace a creative way to drink and meet new people in a laid back atmosphere.

“You do not need an ounce of artistic ability; you just need to be open to having fun and we will do the rest.”

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McGrail attributes the company’s success to the viral and emotional impact of social media.

He said: “Paint Nite could not have thrived the way it has even five years ago.”

“People take pictures with their smartphones and upload them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Friends and followers see the artwork and the fun, and they in-turn plan a night for themselves.

“But Paint Nite also offers a response to the disconnected nature of social media, fulfilling people's basic need to be in the physical presence of others with real, authentic human interaction.”

The next Paint Nite event is on January 27 at Telford’s Warehouse. Tickets are sold in advance at £45 but for a limited time customers can book online at for £25 using the exclusive code ‘UKrocks’. Drinks and food to accompany the painting experience are purchased directly from the hosting restaurant or bar the night of the event.