A Dragons Den-style project is being launched in Hoole aimed at boosting young businesses.

The SOUP project at Hobsons Cafe in the community centre on Westminster Road is a means of getting people together to support small business ideas over a bowl of soup.

A social enterprise combining crowd funding and collective positivity, four people are invited to present their ideas, without technology, for four minutes each. The audience can only ask four questions and over a bowl of soup vote for their favourite pitch.

The winner takes home the pot of donations taken at the door, which is suggested at £5.

The inaugural event is on Tuesday, February 9 with subsequent events planned for March 22, May 17, July 12, September 20 and November 15.

If you have a small business idea that will help the residents of Chester and would like to take part, email Rachel on rachelmacd15@yahoo.co.uk.