Chester-based construction company Roundhouse Construction will sponsor a three man trio of Jack Sheppard, Andy Chilton and 18-year-old Dec Bullock in a full on attack of the FIM World Trial series.

Australia, Japan, Corsica, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Penrith and France are already on the list of events. Beta Italy and John Lampkin's Beta UK organisation will also provide support.

Andy and Dec will contest the European Championship. Brad, the elder of the Chester twins by 20 minutes, will ride selected S3 Part championship events and other top flight national open trials.

His immediate task is a construction engineering degree course at a northern college. James Dabill will organize tutoring sessions with particular attention to fitness, diet, and riding techniques.

Dirty Boyz motorcycle cleaning agent Danny Cockshott will be with the team at some European trials to provide support in team machine maintenance and preparation.

Roundhouse Construction builds houses, flats, shopping complexes and public service centres in the Cheshire on North Wales regions.