A vintage ice cream van with a fully functioning bar isn’t something you see every day but it’s set to become a familiar sight in Chester.

Back when Adam and Sophie Roberts were planning their wedding, they discovered that the choice of outside bars was distinctly uninspiring and having had six years of success with running The Cellar bar on City Road, they decided to create an outdoor mobile one with a difference.

With the help of Andrew ‘Aki’ Atkinson, the trio transformed a 1973 Bedford ice cream van into a sleek and fully functioning bar, so on the outside it retains all the retro charm of an ice cream van complete with pink and cream colouring, inside it’s a quirky bar with four beer lines and bottle fridges.

Now Adam, Sophie and Aki hope Mr Squiffy will become a regular feature in Chester.

Party hosts can create their own drinks menu

Sophie told The Chronicle: “Aside from looking great in your party photos, the real beauty of Mr Squiffy is that party hosts can create their own drinks menu,” she explained.

“With The Cellar’s extensive drinks range to choose from, hosts can ensure they have a drinks offering their guests will be happy with, and that’s personal to them. A further plus point is that, unlike many other mobile bars, hosts will not be charged simply for the pleasure of Mr Squiffy turning up – you only have to pay for the drinks. And drink prices aren’t inflated either, to save guests from the horror of hefty rounds at weddings.”

Sophie said she, Adam and Aki had been discussing the possibility of creating a mobile bar in Chester for a while, but the catalyst for it was her and Adam’s wedding.

“When I looked to see what was out there and choice was limited and not very inspiring,” she said.

“The van is available for private hire so we will take it to events we’re booked in advance for. We also intend to get involved with smaller festivals and sports events.

“Mr Squiffy is an older chap so whilst we can’t necessarily travel to the other end of the country we’re happy to travel where possible.” she said.

To hire Mr Squiffy, email Sophie on sophiecharlotteroberts@gmail.com.