A Chester mobile phone shop has mysteriously closed its doors, leaving its customers baffled.

Jonny Kershaw contacted The Chronicle after leaving his son’s iPhone 6 Plus at the Mobile Phones Expert store on Eastgate Street to repair a screen over a month ago.

Two weeks later he called in and was told the job was ‘all in hand’ and he would be called when it was fixed, but when he still hadn’t heard anything after that, he went to the shop to investigate - and found it closed and empty.

Mr Kershaw said: “I am pretty annoyed as it was an iPhone 6+ which is worth about £500. I wonder how many other people’s phones this shop has got.

“I reported it to the police and they have drawn a blank, although they have had other reports of the same things. The letting agents were of no help to them either.

“It’s amazing how a ‘business’ can just disappear- it’s all a bit suspicious and I’m not really sure what to do now.”

The Chronicle has made several attempts to contact Trading Standards for a comment, who said they were looking into the matter, but to date have not provided a statement.

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