Former Chester Grosvenor Hotel MD sails Atlantic to raise funds for charity

Jonathan Slater of Oddfellows Hotels raises funds for The Innholders Charitable Foundation

Jonathan Slater has returned triumphantly from sailing across the Atlantic in The ARCs annual rally

The former managing director of the Chester Grosvenor Hotel has returned triumphantly from sailing across the Atlantic in The ARC’s annual rally which spans over 2700 nautical miles.

Master innholder Jonathan Slater, who now heads up the Oddfellows Hotel, raised more than £5,000 for The Innholders Charitable Foundation

On November 22 Jonathan departed Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to embark on the demanding 3000-mile journey across open ocean with just four other crew aboard Cheery-Bye, a 50 foot Beneteau.

With good winds, the vessel landed just 17 days later in St Lucia, 14th in their class and 76th overall out of over 200 boats.

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Jonathan said: “It wasn’t an easy challenge, especially as the timing fell in the middle of Oddfellows On The Park’s build phase, but it was something I’ve always wanted to do. We had some hairy moments, night time was like a 10-hour rollercoaster ride whilst being blindfolded!

“I was lucky to be part of a great crew and it was important to work together in such a highly pressured environment, where food rations are strict, space is tight and a lapse in concentration can be disastrous.

My lasting memory will be of the stargazing – nothing I have ever seen is comparable with the sky out on the Atlantic Ocean with no light pollution whatsoever.

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Jonathan added: “The WCI Charitable Foundation is an astounding charity and has supported many of my peers and colleagues throughout the years with Master Innholders Scholarships and Aspiring Leaders Diploma.

It also offers really important support, working alongside Hospitality in Action, to relieve poverty in our sector. I am delighted that the kind donations I received will be put to an excellent use.”

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