DEESIDE College has embarked on a new partnership with Wrexham-based paper cup manufacturer Benders Paper Cup Company to help improve communication flows between the organisation’s English and Italian speaking staff.

Following the recent acquisition of Benders by an Italian and Spanish group of companies, the Deeside College adult and community learning team has developed a bespoke Italian language course to aid the flow of communication through the multinational organisation.

Employees are receiving the training within their own workplace. The opportunity arose after funding was made available by Unite the Unions Step up to Learning project, to help them develop a new skill, while also aiding the flow of communication between the Gresford Industrial Park base and their new Italian colleagues.

The Wrexham employees are already using bits of the Italian language in their day-to-day conversations with overseas colleagues, taking full advantage of the opportunity to practice what they are learning with the native speakers.

Jane Watkins, Deeside College adult and community learning co-ordinator, said: “We have worked with Benders to ensure that their employees get the very most out of the Italian language.

“Having even a basic understanding of their new colleagues first language will go a long way in developing the new relationships.”