You might not think that today’s modern and fast-paced business world is an ideal environment for telling stories. Yet a high impact story might be just the innovative  kind of communication needed to motivate your team in difficult times.

According to Tony Wall, a senior lecturer at the University of Chester  Business School’s Centre for Work Related Studies (CWRS): “Before we launch into telling a story to motivate  our team we need to create and choose appropriate moments.”

Story Skills for Managers: Nurturing  Motivation with Teams by Tony and  Lisa Rossetti, a local leadership coach, looks at when a story could open up a  discussion, drive home a call to action,  or motivate a team to exceed expectations.  

Through the book, you can also find out how to devise an effective story using a common yet powerful structure used by contemporary film directors and playwrights, and discover  the importance of strategies such as  ‘the hook’ and how to harness the  ‘power of three’ to maximise the  power of your message.

Next time you are preparing for a team-building event, a mentoring session, or a knowledge-sharing forum,  dip into the wealth of stories shared in  this book to inspire you at work.

You can obtain your own copy of  Story Skills for Managers: Nurturing  Motivation with Teams, now on  Amazon (rated 5 stars), for £12.99.