From an early age, Lynne Swinnerton always had a passion for travel.

As a youngster, her first step into the industry was stamping brochures on Saturdays in the agency where her parents booked their holidays. From there, her interest developed.

After leaving school at 16, she was offered a two-year apprenticeship at that very same agency and spent the next 25 years working her way up to the position of business manager. 

The primary aspect of Lynne’s job was sales in tailor-made holidays with a specific focus on developing more sales and revenue to Australasia, Asia and Southern Africa.

But not long after she became a mum and returned from maternity leave, Lynne started to wonder whether her years of experience would serve her well in starting up her own travel consultancy, working from home.

After discussing options with colleagues in the travel industry, she created a home office and, in November 2012, launched her own business.

“Home working allows flexibility in all aspects of my work and it’s a huge benefit to both clients and my family,” explains Lynne.

“Customer service is one of the key elements in our industry so I gave a lot of thought as to what today’s discerning travellers require from their agents.

“We live in a 24/7 society and often, it’s difficult to make complex purchases within regular office hours.

“Clients also want a more personal and stress free experience -having to journey to a town centre, find parking or even getting through to a call centre can be a hassle.

“Life is so busy, regardless of age or gender, and people want a reliable travel professional to understand their holiday needs then make it all come together for them seamlessly,” she added.

So with this in mind, Lynne decided she would go to her clients homes, offering a complimentary consultation on bespoke or luxury holidays to those living within a 25 mile radius of her base just outside Wrexham.

Others can book an appointment to talk to Lynne via Skype, as she insists on keeping those all important themes of the business remaining personal and flexible to her clients.

So years after stamping brochures on Saturdays, Lynne’s successfully managed to turn her love of travel into a successful career.

“I’m sure most women will agree that trying to focus on being a great mum and also building a business is a real juggling act, but for me, I’m thriving on it,” she said.

If you think Lynne may be able to help you out, email her at lynne.swinnerton@travelabout.