Editor in chief Michael Green

"Superhero movies"

Lois York, chief multimedia reporter, The Flintshire Chronicle

"Just take time to relax and enjoy the nice things you receive and the company you're in. The run up to Christmas can be stressful so just chill and enjoy I say (and a bit of wine and chocolate helps)."

Jaqui Lawson, account manager

"So things go smoothly; plan, plan and more planning for the timings of the dinner! And don't forget the after dinner snooze in front of a Christmas film."

Digital and communities editor Jo Henwood

"My best tip for surviving Christmas is not to cook anything that you haven't made before. If you fancy something from a recipe book, practise it in November. If it goes well, use it on the Big Day, if it doesn't don't."

Flintshire Chronicle reporter Sam Yarwood

"If you want to survive Christmas, remember to breathe and don't stress. If you burn the turkey, sod it, crack open the chicken dippers."

Flintshire Chronicle reporter Sarah Hodgson

"Shop early - I started in I think it was August. And also get presents, decs, cards in January when they are all reduced - I got 70 Christmas cards and loads of ribbons etc for 70p last year instead of about a tenner."

Chester Chronicle reporter Carmella De Lucia

"Copious amounts of booze."