IT IS pretty much impossible to pin down one foundation that works on everyone.

With normal, oily, dry, and combination skin types, the foundation thats perfect for one person wont necessarily be the best for someone else. Its also a matter of personal preference. What kind of coverage would you like? Do you prefer a dewy or matte finish?

This week, Ive spent a considerable amount of time in Superdrug and Boots trying on all sorts of weird and wonderful foundations from the likes of Revlon, Barry M, Rimmel, Maybelline, and Max Factor, to name just a few. Then I compiled a list of my top three.

My third favourite was the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. This has received mixed reviews from users, with many complaining that the foundation is streaky, drying to their skin, difficult to blend, and provides no coverage. Others disagree, praising Maybellines innovative foamy invention for the light texture, even coverage, and the resulting dewy glow.

It seems that if your skin is dry or you have scars or blemishes to cover, then this foundation wont be the best for you. My skin is problematically dry and, when I hadnt been slathering my skin in moisturiser, I noticed the airfoam turned into that dreaded cakey texture. When my skin was moisturised, however, this foundation worked really well. It evened out my skin tone perfectly and felt as if I had no foundation on.

Make sure you shake well before you dispense the foam to ensure that the colour is evenly mixed and dont press the nozzle down too hard because the mousse will froth up and go everywhere (trust me, I became an expert on this after the first few times I used it!) I found this for s8.99 in Boots and s6.99 in Superdrug. Boots customers rated it an average 3/5.

My second favourite is the Max Factor Second Skin foundation. This really lives up to its name it looks virtually undetectable on your skin as it gives a fresh, glowing, even coverage without looking cakey. Ive received so many compliments about my skin whilst wearing this foundation. And the best part? It only costs s12.99. Not bad for a foundation that, to me, does the same job as a high-end product. Boots customers are rating it an impressive 4/5 stars.

In first place is the Revlon PhotoReady make-up. I found the consistency to be heavier than the other two foundations, so I save this for the evening. It gives your skin a beautiful flawless finish.

The PhotoReady foundation is oil free so doesnt go shiny throughout the day. I bought this for s12.99 from Boots, where customers have rated it a superior 4 stars.

Remember though, that everyones skin is different and what is good for me might not necessarily be good for you, so make sure you shop around before you purchase your foundation.

For more information, refer to my video above.