Editor in chief Michael Green

"Muppet Christmas Carol and/or Scrooged every Christmas Eve."

Lois York, chief multimedia reporter, The Flintshire Chronicle

"We have table presents. This is a small present (usually a CD or quirky mug or something under a tenner) that is wrapped in gold paper and handed out at the end of our Christmas dinner to everyone. It was introduced when we were little as we opened all our presents in the morning then moaned after dinner that nothing was left to open and the fun was over. It was prompted by Blue Peter who made a snowman to put things in, so we made that and used to put them in that, but eventually being made of cardboard he died and so we ended up with a basket."

Jaqui Lawson, account manager

"Our tradition is bacon and cream cheese bagels for breakfast and a glass of fizz (alcoholic or non alcoholic) to drink while opening presents.

Digital and communities editor Jo Henwood

"My favourite tradition is all having a stir of the Christmas cake (and a wish) in November. The recipe I use has one wine glass of brandy, so I soak the fruit in that a week beforehand. When I come to make the cake, I always 'forget' that I have used the wine glass, so add another one for good measure."

Gayle Grisdale, account manager

"I have to buy my dad a Terry's Chocolate Orange. It's the law. And he always has to say 'It's not Terry's, it's mine.'"

Flintshire Chronicle reporter Sam Yarwood

"My favourite tradition is playing (or attempting to play) lots of board games after Christmas dinner. Its nice to see everyone talking and joking, instead of sitting round the telly falling asleep!"

Flintshire Chronicle reporter Sarah Hodgson

"My parents don't do this anymore but when we were little they used to sprinkle glitter and fake snow into our bedrooms and down the stairs to the living room where all the presents were and then they used to wear massive boots and put footprints leading from our beds to the presents so it looked like Santa had checked we were asleep then delivered the presents."

Chester Chronicle reporter Carmella De Lucia

"Stuffing my face without (much) judgment."

Photographer Ian Cooper


Chester Chronicle reporter Frances Barrett

"Three Christmas dinners - One with my family, one with my boyfriend and one with our friends. But not all on the same day, I hasten to add. Come the end of December, I'm happy to see the back of parsnips and nut roasts for another year!"