My day: 8.15am: I arrive in the office and go through my emails before the  switchboard opens at 9am. I’m responding to an email from the University of Chester about the High Sheriff’s Award for Enterprise which we are sponsoring this year.

10am: I meet my first client of the day and discuss the significant tax savings they can gain from trading as a limited company rather than continuing as a sole trader. I present them with a schedule documenting the tax savings and receive their instruction to form the limited company.

11am: I run through today’s post then it’s time for our staff meeting. I brief the team on the new clients we have won this month and inform them about potential prospects. I also up-date the team on marketing.

11.30am: I spend an hour returning client telephone calls and answering their questions on a range of business matters. I answer questions on what the minimum wage is for taking on an employee and I offer them VAT advice.


12.30pm: I’ve arranged to meet one of  our contacts at the bank for lunch at Bollicini Restaurant near the office which I love as it serves excellent food in a private setting. I regularly take clients to Bollicini to catch up over lunch. 

1.30pm: A client comes to see me who needs help planning the level of dividends he can take from the company without breaching his high rate tax bands. I also discuss with him his financial growth forecast. 

2.30pm: I chat to a couple of members of staff to resolve queries on the accounts and ensure we are meeting our targets of turning round clients’ accounts within 30 days.

3pm: It’s time to hit the airwaves. I head to Glyndwr University in Wrexham to carry out my monthly radio slot  on Calon FM. This time I’m talking about business and tax opportunities. It’s important to reach out to listeners in Wrexham as we have an office based at the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

4pm: A Plant Hire and Machinery company rings me to ask about the annual investment limit so they can plan their plant purchases prior to their year end.

5pm: I head to the Riverside Innovation Centre to support the Chester Chamber of Commerce by taking part  in a networking event where I remind  people to take advantage of the free  hour long consultation that we offer. I walk away with several business cards of new Chamber members who would like to be added to  our monthly newsletter. 

6.45pm: I head home as I have an early client meeting tomorrow.  

What is the favourite part of your job? Meeting new clients and helping clients grow their business.

What is the least favourite part of your job? The rush at the month end to ensure we meet practice deadlines.

What would be your dream job if you weren't doing what you do now? Working in the property business.

How do you relax when you are not working? Sailing in Anglesey.

What is your favourite film? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I watched it with one of my sons and was spellbound by J K Rowling’s extended vision, particularly Platform 9¾.

What is your favourite book? I live in the present and enjoy the book I’m currently reading – A Game of Thrones by George Martin.

What is your favourite song? Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits.

If a film was made of your life, who  would you like to play you?   Colin Firth for his ability to turn his hand to both comedy and more serious drama brilliantly.

Have you had your 15 minutes of  fame? No, fame isn’t important to me,  I’m happy with life as it is!

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