THE Smiths Indeed were formed in Liverpool in 2005, after a deceptively placed advertisement caught the eye of an ambitious aficionado.

The band consists of Smiths devotees and outstanding musicians. Their trump card is a singer with uncannily similar vocal chords to Morrissey’s.

In a relatively short space of time, The Smiths Indeed have emerged as a fantastic live act, aiming to capture the essence of a mid-1980s Smiths concert.

They have toured extensively around the UK, the USA and Europe, playing to full capacity audiences of Smiths fans old and new.

Their first gig in December 2005 was in a small basement bar in Glasgow; the final gig of 2010 saw them triumphantly celebrating the 25th anniversary of Meat Is Murder at Manchester Apollo.

The Smiths Indeed offer a fantastic night of nostalgia for those who remember those distant days in the mid-1980s when The Smiths lit up the world of popular music.

For those who weren’t even born then or were otherwise engaged, they offer a great opportunity to witness what it might have been like to see The Smiths live.

The Smiths Indeed will be at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester on Thursday, March 6. Tickets �10. Call 01244 390 090 or visit .