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Andy Van Der Meyde on Johnny Heitinga and Royston Drenthe

“JOHNNY played when I played in the first team of Ajax.

“JOHNNY played when I played in the first team of Ajax. He came from the reserves and was known as a bit of a hard knock, kicking players and all of that.

“So he came with us in the first training and we played 11 against 11, and he came to me and he kicked me back in my ankles and I said ‘Do that one more time, I kick your a**’. And he said ‘alright then’ and the ball came again and he kicked me again, and I give him one elbow in the stomach and he went down. I told him, ‘I told you I would kick your ass’. It was very funny but Johnny is a good player. Really strong, fast, good in the air, a good passer. He brings something extra.”

“I don’t really know Royston Drenthe well but they told me he’s a good strong player, with a good pass, quick and strong. So, I hope he can stay in Everton.”


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