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Watch Tattoo Fixers' Jay Hutton transform dead cat inking

Ellesmere Port tattooist has another satisfied customer on E4 show

Tattooist Jay Hutton has been working his magic again to transform dodgy designs into works of art.

Tattoo Fixers series two participant Natalie decided she wanted a lasting reminder of her cat Luna after she passed away.

But the well-intended tribute didn't turn out quite how she hoped.

Channel 4 Jay Hutton and Tattoo Fixers client Natalie
Jay Hutton and Tattoo Fixers client Natalie

Luckily, she applied to the E4 show and was picked to have the inking om her arm covered up with a wolf.

Jay, who runs the Adrenaline tattoo studio in Ellesmere Port , said to camera: "Natalie believes she was visited by the spirit of her cat and she ended up with this terrible tattoo as a reminder.

"I have covered it up with a wolf, which will hopefully put poor little Luna to rest for good."

Jay covered up late kitty Luna with a wolf
Jay covered up late kitty Luna with a wolf

Calling Jay a 'clever boy', a thrilled Natalie said: "That is amazing. This is better than I could have imagined. I love the colour in the background. It's phenomenal."

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