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Chester murder trial: Accused claims alleged victim pulled a gun on him

A DEFENDANT on trial for murder claimed he acted in self-defence after a debt collector pulled a gun on him, a court heard.

A DEFENDANT on trial for murder claimed he acted in self-defence after a debt collector pulled a gun on him, a court heard.

Scott Davidson, 23, had only intended to scare 49-year-old Martin Ithell when he visited his Frodsham home but his shotgun had gone off.

I didnt mean to kill him, Davidson told detectives in interview.

He claimed Mr Ithell from, Boughton, Chester, stumbled outside despite being shot but continued to point the gun at him and that he then stabbed him.

Davidson and his ex-fiancme Rachael Horton, 19, from Little Sutton, deny a murder charge at Liverpool Crown Court where it is the prosecutions case that he shot Mr Ithell but it was Horton that stabbed him nine times in the neck.

Davidsons side of his police interviews were read out by Detective Constable Andy Roberts.

Davidson said Mr Ithell was a doorman friend from whom he had borrowed s16,000, which had increased to s26,000 due to interest.

He told police: I have not been able to pay and he has been phoning all week demanding his money.

Davidson said it was agreed Mr Ithell would meet him at his house on the Friday which was when he alleged the deceased grabbed him by the throat after Horton had gone out shopping by arrangement.

I said listen mate, because we are mates I have been to his house and Im friends with his missus Ive not got your money. I said I will have it but you have to give me a few more weeks.

He said Thats not good enough. Im going to take your cars, your house, come after your girlfriend, take what shes got and her family as well so obviously Im not happy. I was more frightened than anything. At that stage he pulled the gun out on me.

Davidson claimed Horton returned unexpectedly and remembered her screaming as she retreated into the kitchen while the two of them wrestled in the hallway when he recalled Mr Ithell saying: Im going to kill you.

He alleged it was when Mr Ithell began pushing at the kitchen door that he got the shotgun from a cupboard because he feared he was about to shoot his girlfriend.

Davidson claimed he only lifted his shotgun in response to Mr Ithell raising his firearm.

I didnt mean to shoot him. I wanted to scare him, Davidson told the officers, but the shotgun had gone off.

Davidson noticed Mr Ithell was wearing an ear-piece and saying: Hes shot me, hes shot me, as though talking to somebody at the other end. The defendant said Mr Ithell stumbled out of the front door while still pointing the gun at him.

He had originally claimed that Horton had appeared from behind the kitchen door with a knife in her hand which he took from her.

I jumped on him. We were wrestling and I just stabbed him. I think it was twice, at the top of the shoulder, the shoulder blade, near the neck.

However, Davidson dramatically changed his evidence days before the trial, saying he had only shot Ithell, claiming Horton had stabbed him.

Davidson said he ran back in the house and Horton screamed saying she had seen two men at the kitchen window but he couldnt see anybody.

The pair had moved Mr Ithell to his own BMW car and Davidson drove off with the intention of taking him to hospital but later changed his mind.

I knew right then he was probably dead and it looked like I murdered him but to me it was self-defence. Asked why Horton had not mentioned seeing Mr Ithell with a gun, he replied: She did go out of the house. He had his back to her so she probably would not have seen it.

The trial continues.



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