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WATCH: Dream jobs in Chester film

Matt Singh and Kashif Iqbal ask people why they have or haven't followed their dream

Two film makers have been asking Chester people about their jobs.

Matt Singh and his filming partner Kashif Iqbal approached people in the city streets to ask them what their dream job was when they were growing up compared with what they do now.

Matt, who works for Man Utd TV, said: “Kashif teaches media at Oldham College and we’re both based in Manchester however Chester is one of our favourite places which is why we shot this film there.

“Kash and I met at uni and simply really enjoy working together and making films about what we feel are great topics. “We want have our YouTube channel to be a positive source of inspiration for young people.”

A University of Chester student in the film made by Matt Singh and Kashif Iqbal in Chester on people's dream jobs

Matt added: “The premise of this film was to ask people what their dream job was growing up and compare that to what they do now for a living and if they didn’t follow through with their dream then why not?

“Overall we wanted it to be thought provoking with the message being to encourage people to follow their dreams and not get distracted by the noise of life.


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