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Watch: Make your own Christmas table decoration

Lecturer Amanda Ellis shows us how to decorate the table on Christmas Day

Hadyn Iball  Amanda Ellis making a Christmas table decoration.
Amanda Ellis making a Christmas table decoration.

Why not have a go at making yourself a Christmas arrangement to add true glitz and glamour to your table this Christmas, below is a step by step guide, so go on, give it a go!

What you will need:-

Half a block of floristry foam and tape

Round floristry dish

Chunky candle / cocktail sticks

Christmas pine / twigs/ eucalyptus and ruscus or similar

Spray carnations /4 x large roses or similar / lisianthus or similar / filler material i.e. berries

Decorative festive items, i.e. stars / cinnamon sticks / baubles, etc

What to do:

1. Soak half a block of foam and tape to a round floristry dish or similar

2. Add your chunky candle to the centre and tape cocktail sticks around the base to form legs to secure into foam

3. Make an outline in the shape of a diamond with some Christmas pine by adding it to the foam, working from the base upwards. Once the outline is formed place some shorter pine at the top and sides to help form a profile

4. Add a secondary foliage, for example eucalyptus, to create interest; follow the same pattern as the pine

5. Add some decorative twigs to elongate the arrangement following the outline shape already formed

6. Add a further foliage i.e. ruscus, which is deeper in colour, to give depth to the arrangement.

It should be just over half full now allowing room for flower materials

7. Add the spray carnations, remember to use some long stems and follow the outline shape, but also use some shorter stems around the centre

8. Add 2 roses grouped together on each side of the candle diagonally across from each other

9. Add a third flower material following the same pattern

10. Add a filler material around the centre of the design to fill in any gaps

11. Now add any decorative items you wish to make the design unique i.e. cinnamon stick, stars, baubles, etc

12. Check over the design and fill in with any Christmas materials, keep it watered and sit back and enjoy


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