Long time no see! I haven't forgotten to blog - I'm in America, and typing more than two words on an iPad isn't the easiest of tasks; combine that with Disney princesses roaming about, cocktails in the sun and the odd mosquito bite and you have one distracted, lazy writer who is having far too much fun for her own good. Enough of that though, I've got a MAC review for you along with a pre- recorded video (look at me being all organised), so let's fire away.

The Technakohl eyeliner, I liked. But I wouldn't go any further than that. I wanted to give this "twirly uppy" kohl eyeliner a whirl because these are one of my main makeup bag staples. I've used the Rimmel one for a while now so I wanted to know if it's really worth the £14 price tag for the MAC one. Honestly, the staying power is slightly better on the high end brand and it seems to work better when used on your water line. In terms of appearance though, they look exactly the same. While the staying power is mildly better for the MAC product, Rimmel and Collection 2000 offer amazing dupes if you're looking for a cheaper option. For the slightly better quality of the MAC product though, I'd buy it again.

The MAC Cremeblend Blush reminds me of the Jemma Kidd Stain Flush Blush Concentrate that I reviewed a while back. You can use it on your lips and cheeks and it leaves a beautiful dewy, glowing finish. It's super easy to blend and is excellent for adding a pop of colour to your cheeks and lips and contouring your cheek bones. I trialled the shade 'Posey', a muted berry colour, and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about it. It makes me feel so much nicer when I'm wearing it and I've started to feel a little unfinished when I don't have it on. this has become a firm makeup bag favourite.

So that's it for my MAC Cremeblend Blush and Technakohl eyeliner review, next up on my list is a beauty haul from America, a couple of travel blogs, and possibly a cheeky 'what's in my holiday makeup bag?' too. For now, it's back to my martini and princess spotting.

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