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Burglars target opticians in hunt for sunglasses

Second Chester store to be targeted in less than a week

Hoodied thieves tried to break-in to an opticians in Chester using a hammer - in an apparent bid to steal designer sunglasses.

At just before 6.30pm yesterday two men were seen trying to smash through glass at the store on Charles Street, Hoole.

But the men ran off after failing to break the glass.

It is the second time an opticians in the city has been targeted by burglars in less than a week, say police.

On Thursday police were called to an opticians on Northgate Street after thieves broke-in and stole around 25 pairs of sunglasses.

Police are hunting for two men, the first is described as wearing a black hoodie and the second wearing a green top and a cap at the time of the incident.

It is not clear whether the two incidents are related.  




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