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Carmella De Lucia explores the important and topical issues relating to women in today's world. To suggest an idea for the feature, email

Bryan Adams, whom Carmella is a bit of a fan of.

A life of Bryan

Women 2day: Do we ever fall out of love with our girlhood loves?

Girls v girls

Why are women being so mean to each other?

What’s in a name?

Are women these days still under as much pressure to change their names after marriage?

Self-obsessed or ‘selfie’-help?

Carmella De Lucia debates the big Facebook ‘selfie’ issue

Princess Diana is one of the most influential women in history

The women who shaped history

Celebrating International Women’s Day: The women who shaped history

Finding a new lease of life over the age of 50

Are women over 50 less likely to find work?

Why we’re pressured by looks-dominated world

Carmella De Lucia on how achievements are overshadowed by the pressure to look good

Carmella with her mum Bridie

How losing mum changed my life

Carmella De Lucia on why there should be more support for motherless daughters in the UK

Sinead Blythin whose family tragedy compelled her to turn her life around

How family tragedy compelled Sinead to begin business

Carmella De Lucia talks to Sinead Blythin of Seasalt & Snow

Emma Prince who has started up a dog couture business

It’s a dog’s life for Emma

Chester woman starts up bespoke dog couture business

Wendy Cheung who has set up a food blog in the Chester/North Wales area

Deeside woman takes her love of food online

Carmella De Lucia talks to Wendy Cheung about her food blog

Olivia Richards' eBay business is going from strength to strength

Olivia’s hit the high bid with eBay business

Carmella De Lucia talks to Olivia Richards

Anna Holden still smiling at the top of her gruelling Everest trek

Still smiling at the top of the world

Carmella De Lucia talks to Abbey Gate College student Anna Holden about her charity fundraising trip in Nepal

Steph Brocken of Minerva Arts Theatre

Steph's realises childhood theatre dream

Carmella De Lucia talks to Steph Brocken of Minerva Arts

Liz Evans owner of La Cantina

Liz’s Italian job

Carmella de Lucia talks to Liz Evans who gave up her NHS career for her love of Italy

Stateside Summer: Preppy Style Dress, £25, from Bank Fashion

Mellow Yellow fashions at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Looking to stand out this summer? Then why not get a splash of colour

Rachel Walker of Adoption Matters North West

Rachel follows her adoption passion

Carmella De Lucia talks to Rachel Walker of Adoption Matters North West

Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Holiday season at home or away with the Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Get your hands on the some of the top trends this summer

Jeanette Roe from McDonalds in Broughton

Women2Day: One woman's climb up the ladder at McDonald's

She now finds herself holding the franchise for a number of local restaurants

Jeanette Roe owns the McDonalds at Broughton Retail Park

The life of a McDonald's manager: We meet Jeanette Roe who runs Maccie D's at Broughton

Get behind the big M as Carmella de Lucia speaks to Jeanette about her career with the fast-food giant


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