Carmella De Lucia explores the important and topical issues relating to women in today's world. To suggest an idea for the feature, email carmella.delucia@trinitymirror.com.

Women 2day: FACE OFF - How young is too young to wear makeup?

How young is too young to wear makeup?

Women 2day: Online trolls - cowards with a keyboard?

How online abuse is becoming increasingly prevalent - but are women the main targets?

Women 2day: Should we leave the covers of classic kids books alone?

Classic Dahl book given new cover aimed at adults

Women 2 Day: Doing good turns is a great opportunity

Being part of the Brownies was a fundamental part of growing up

Emmeline – a true feminist

How Emmeline Pankhurst shaped our lives today

A commitment finally recognised

Women are at last to become bishops - but will it bring the Church into modern times?

The test that could save your life

Why cervical cancer screening is so vitally important

Funeral director Belle Pari

Sexism dead and buried? Not here

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman?

Dame Helen Mirren enjoys the odd profanity

In defence of offence

When it comes to profanity, are there different rules for women?

The older mums debate

How old is too old?

Former Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro kisses the World Cup which Italy won in 2006.

Beautiful game or absolute pain?

How to make the most of World Cup fever

Anne Pover with her son Richard before his death from testicular cancer age 21

A mother's anguish

How the trauma of losing a child will never heal

Age before fashion?

Should women of a certain age tone down  the skimpy outfits?

The problem that can’t be ignored

How domestic abuse charities vitally need our help

Do you think society puts too much pressure on women to lose weight?

The pressure to be perfect

Why do many women spend a lifetime striving for the perfect body?

Bryan Adams, whom Carmella is a bit of a fan of.

A life of Bryan

Women 2day: Do we ever fall out of love with our girlhood loves?

Girls v girls

Why are women being so mean to each other?

What’s in a name?

Are women these days still under as much pressure to change their names after marriage?

Self-obsessed or ‘selfie’-help?

Carmella De Lucia debates the big Facebook ‘selfie’ issue

Princess Diana is one of the most influential women in history

The women who shaped history

Celebrating International Women’s Day: The women who shaped history


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